[AD] Proexpert – Homegrown suspension parts you can trust

By topgear, 22 January 2020

Those familiar with Bangi-based suspension parts distribution specialists Mr Absorber ought to be familiar with the Proexpert brand name.

Developed in house by Mr Absorber, the brand and its products first entered the market in 2017, having grown exponentially ever since then. Today, the Proexpert brand catalogue features a wide variety of core suspension parts, namely shock absorbers and springs.

All Proexpert products benefit from the inputs of the Mr Absorber team that spans over 7 years. Additionally, all Proexpert components are locally produced to highest of qualities and standards, and they also come covered with a half-year (6 months) warranty for added peace of mind.

At the core of the Proexpert parts catalogue is a wide selection of non-adjustable heavy duty type shock absorbers. The bulk of which caters to popular local models made by the likes of Proton and Perodua, not to mention popular Japanese and Korean offerings too from the likes of Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Kia and Hyundai.

Despite not being the adjustable types, the Proexpert shock absorbers range has been setup deliver an ideal balance between sporty handling and comfort. Crucially, besides the improved ride and handling over stock units, absorbers made by Proexpert were also specially dialed in for daily driving usage.

Crucially, these heavy duty shock absorbers range from Proexpert also covers a multitude of vehicle types. Besides compacts and sedans, therange also includes shock absorbers made to fit in popular family MPVs and pick-up trucks.

Of course, absorbers are just one part of many that make up the Proexpert core catalogue. Also available are a wide array of replacement sport springs.

Like their absorbers, the Proexpert range of springs were also produced locally and meets the highest of quality standards. Like their absorbers, Proexpert sport springs were also devised to fit a large assortment of vehicle make, model and types as well.

Being ‘sport’ type, these springs offer several added benefits over standard type replacements. These include a slight and tasteful ride height lowering, as well as enhanced damping and rebound rates. Like the absorbers, Proexpert springs were also dialed in with a balanced state of tune that favours daily driving usage.

Altogether, the Proexpert brand and products stands to offer high quality replacement parts with enhanced performance at a reasonably affordable rate. Depending on vehicle make, model and type, Proexpert’s heavy duty shock absorbers are priced from as low as RM180 per piece, while its sport springs set is priced from RM230 onwards (RRP excluding installation and delivery).

To enquire on model availability, interested buyers may get in touch with distributors Mr Absorber via its official Facebook page or through the contact details and methods listed in our past Feature on Mr Absorber. Keen buyers can also visit the Mr Absorber centre located in Bandar Baru Bangi where installation services are also provided.

Additionally, those outside the Klang Valley wishing to acquire Proexpert suspension parts can do so online through Mr Absorber’s official e-store on Shopee.my.