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By thoriq, 07 November 2018

F Tuned Racing – An Introduction
F Tuned Racing was founded in 2009 by Wan Ahmad Farouk Shah, who once helmed the position of Ride & Handling Group Leader at Proton’s Research & Development Unit earlier in his career. The company started off as just another workshop specialising in fixing and servicing aftermarket suspension products. But the rest is history.

After three years of tough grind and innovation, the company unveiled their very own Coilovers and Dampers, the F Tuned Suspension. Today, F Tuned Racing is proud to boast a solid network of dealers across Malaysia, including areas like Klang Valley, the Northern, East Coast and Southern Regions, and also East Malaysia.

The Philosophy
"The F Tuned Racing’s philosophy is straightforward yet effective: To develop and produce top-notch suspension products from the highest quality materials. They believe that the invention of great products must be paired with exceptional service in order to warrant success."

F Tuned Adjustable Coilovers & Dampers

Their Products

Adjustable Coilovers & Dampers
F Tuned has established a fine reputation for providing exceptional coilovers and dampers – the Damper Tuning is based on the vast insight from the Proton Ride & Handling (R&D) Division, the Lotus Ride & Handling Engineers and the massive involvement in motorsports since 1999. All their products are proudly manufactured and tuned in Malaysia.

Their breadth of expertise in this area combined with access to the latest technology and software has allowed the F Tuned Engineering team to produce suspension parts in accordance to their customers’ driving preferences; be it Road-Touge, Competition/Race, Pre-Tuned Spec, Adjustable Damping Spec of Special Tuning Spec.

At F Tuned, their products undergo multiple research and development experiments before being put through a series of vigorous testing before the delivery of the products. Their suspension carries a 2-year warranty which covers manufacturing defects such as jamming and oil leaks!

F Tuned Comfort Lowering Springs

Comfort Lowering Springs (CLS)
The company’s avant-garde technology and expertise has led them to produce this spring series that is compatible with your vehicle’s standard suspension. These springs were introduced to afford drivers an enhanced vehicle stability and comfort at a lower price; and without the usual requirement of upgrading the other suspension components in a vehicle.

The springs are manufactured from premium materials and are designed to not only to improve one’s driving experience, but also to ensure resilient durability. By lowering the centre of gravity of the vehicle,  the Comfort Lowering Springs promise to deliver superior handling and improved traction to the drivers. These springs are suitable for daily driving, street and even occasional track use!

The Comfort Lowering Springs are available for an extensive array of car models, for instance, Perodua, Proton, Toyota, Nissan and Mazda.

Should you be interested to know more on F Tuned products, kidnly find their details below. Alternatively, you can also browse their product selection on, Malaysia’s largest online auto parts classified and directory (Autodoc Store – ).



No. 22, Jalan Seri Rejang 4

Taman Sri Rampai

53300 Kuala Lumpur



012 777 0747 - Farouk
012 927 8553 - Syam 
012 335 0530 - Shims