[AD] Beat the heat with Petron HTP

By topgear, 11 February 2020

Just like the human body, the inner mechanical workings of modern day cars are susceptible to the stresses of extreme heat. In other words, like us, our cars work better when conditions are cool. Crank up the heat and the stresses multiply in sync too.

The challenge to keep things cool and working at optimal temperatures is made more challenging thanks to the unique climate conditions on South East Asia – Malaysia included. To address this, Petron Malaysia introduced its specially formulated High Temperature Protection ( HTP) products range earlier this year.

The HTP line up consists critical fluids that any modern car needs. Besides fully synthetic engine lubricants for both high performance petrol and diesel engines, the range includes automatic transmission fluid (ATF), DOT4-rated brake fluid, as well as grease.

Petron Blaze Racing HTP 0W-40
Petron Blaze Racing HTP 0W-40
Petron Rev-X Turbo HTP 5W-40
Petron Rev-X Turbo HTP 5W-40

What sets Petron’s HTP products apart from the brand’s traditionally made products is the fact that they were developed specifically to deal with extreme temperatures. For instance, both the Blaze Racing HTP 0W-40 and Rev-X Turbo 5W-40 lubricants were specially formulated using both polyalphaolefin (PAO) base oils and advanced additives.

Unlike mineral oil-based products, the special HTP formulation developed by Petron further enhances both lubricants with the ability to withstand extreme temperatures better than non-HTP versions. This, by the way, further strengthens upon the base product’s ability to protect engines against wear and corrosion.

Of course, engine lubricant is just one part of the range. Under its HTP banner, Petron also developed premium-grade automatic transmission fluid – commonly referred to as ATF – using a similar method. The result brings forth an ATF that doubles up with enhanced protection against heat stress, thus reducing the chances of overheating.

Other critical fluids benefiting with Petron’s HTP formulation include a premium DOT4-spec brake and clutch fluid, as well as a premium-grade heavy duty grease. Like the lubricants and ATF mentioned earlier, both these fluids boast enhanced heat management and protection properties as opposed to their regular non-HTP counterparts.

The HTP fluid range’s benefits are rather simple and clear, and that being its ability to keep critical systems cooled for extended periods. A powertrain that stays cool longer stays efficient for longer too. The same applies to brake lines as cooled ones will deliver all its stopping power (no fade) for much longer too.

Keen on keeping your car running as cool as ever? The Petron HTP products range are now available at all authorised Petron distributors and workshops, selected Petron service stations nationwide, as well as Petron Malaysia’s official Shopee online store.

As for prices, the table below ought to be self-explanatory…


Blaze Racing HTP 0W-40

(4 litres) (for petrol engines)

RM265.00 RM267.00

Rev-X Turbo HTP 5W-40

(4 litres) (for diesel engines)

RM210.00 RM212.00

Petron ATF Premium HTP

(1 litre)

RM37.60 RM38.60

Petron Brake Fluid HTP

(0.25 litre)

RM10.90 RM11.90

Petron Grease HTP


RM23.70 RM24.70