A MkIV Toyota Supra went for how much now?

By topgear, 11 March 2020

If, like us, you’re not one of the lucky few with a couple of million quid burning a hole in a particularly flamboyant pair of corduroy trousers, you’d be forgiven for losing track of how things are playing out in the world of classic and luxury car auctions. 

So, we decided it was about time to bring you an update on the market, using RM Sotheby’s latest sale as a guide. Consider it a sort of Top Gear State of the Nation address, only we’ve picked out the most extreme examples to keep things entertaining.


Ferrari Enzo - US$2,782,500 (approx. RM11,783,609)

First up is this supremely clean Enzo, which went for the equivalent of around RM11,786,609. Not cheap at all, but then you just would, wouldn’t you? 


A80 Toyota Supra - US$137,200 (approx. RM581,028)

Perhaps more extreme, proportionally of course, is this Mk4 Supra which sold for over US$137,000 (approx. RM580,181). That is huge money. Has Supra fandom hit a new high?

This one is pretty special, admittedly. It’s a completely original A80 from the very first year of production, complete with manual gearbox, twin-turbo 2JZ and less than 10,000 miles (16,093km) on the clock. Worth the money paid?


Fiat 600 Jolly - US$151,200 (approx. RM640,317)

Nope, we haven’t put that comma in the wrong place. This 600 Jolly really did sell for over US$150,000 (approx. RM635,235). That’s one seriously expensive picnic basket.

The story behind the 600 Jolly involves Gianni Agnelli and an 82-foot sailing boat – naturally – and the tender proved so popular that it was put into limited production by Ghia. 


Jaguar XJS Group 44 Trans-Am - US$207,200 (approx. RM877,471)

Whilst the price for this Trans-Am championship-winning Jaguar XJS might not be the most outrageous figure, the simple fact that a Trans-Am championship winning Jaguar XJS exists renders it newsworthy.

It’s also proof that these hyper-exclusive auctions aren’t just stuffed full of barely-driven hypercars. Even the most ardent garage queen collectors need something to take to the shops and back… 


Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC AMG - US$390,000 (approx. RM1,651,611)

AMG was doing crazy thing with Mercs before it became an in-house tuner in the early 1990s, and pretty much all of those cars from the days of independence are ridiculously cool.

Step forward this widebody 560 SEC, complete with a bored-out 6.0-litre V8 and arches that could make small children cry. US$390,000 (approx. RM1,651,611) though – ouch. That makes us sad that we’ll never be able to own one. 


Porsche Carrera GT - US$786,000 (approx. RM3,328,631)

Slight segue from being shocked at high prices here, for this Carrera GT intrigued us. Why isn’t the Porsche commanding similar figures to something like that Enzo?

This is an as-new 766-mile example of the technological masterpiece, and similar auction lots seem to have ended up around the same mark. A veritable bargain at $786,000 (RM3,328,631), then?


Ferves Ranger - US$42,000 (approx. RM177,866)

Speaking of high prices though, can you imagine splashing over RM170,000 on this little Ferves Ranger?

Granted, it’s an awesome thing. Unveiled at the 1966 Turin Motor Show, the Ranger was a mini off-roader with running gear from Fiat’s 500 and 600. It’s fully road-legal and has a top speed of around 72kph. US$1,000 for every mile per hour then. A good buy?