Bling it on: it’s the Merc S-Class Coupe

By topgear ,

Merc S-Class Coupe

This is the brand new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe, a car that looks almost identical to the Concept S-Class Coupe, and one that's optionally available with CRYSTALS. Welcome everyone, to the world of Mercedes-Benz.

The S-Coupe is, of course, the successor to the outgoing CL. The two-door sits on the same base as the new S-Class saloon, a car we admire very deeply here at Top Gear, but adds even more tech and - quite literally - some sparkle.

First the tech, and it's another premiere for a new Mercedes model in the shape of ‘active curve tilting', which works in collaboration with Magic Body Control to - ready for this? - keep the car level by leaning into corners like a biker. No, really.

Remember how Magic Body Control scans the road ahead, and depending on conditions, adjusts an individual strut on the suspension to keep the car level? Well, active curve tilting scans the bends using a stereo camera to detect the angle, and shifts the base of the each suspension strut by up to 2.5 degrees depending on speed to keep the car level. It can register the bend up to 15 metres ahead, and is active between 30 and 180km/h. As Mercedes says, "the object is not to reach higher speeds but to produce a more pleasant motoring experience". Quite.

Engine wise, there's just one on launch: the 4.7-litre, 455bhp biturbo V8 in the S500, with a particularly fruity 700Nm of peak torque. In addition, the S-Class Coupe gains an exhaust system that contains two flaps that open and close depending on speed. When open, the flaps contribute to a more ‘powerful' engine sound. Anyone familiar with the work of AMG will like this. Your neighbours, not so much.

Doesn't look too shabby either, does it? All long bonnet, pronounced arches, 20in wheels, flowing lines and full-LED headlamps. Ah yes, the headlamps. If you so wish, you can option a set of headlights that contain no less than 47 Swarovski crystals. Shiny.

There's a panoramic sunroof that extends over two-thirds of the Coupe's roof, its opacity adjustable through Merc's rather delightful Magic Sky Control. And then there's the gorgeous dash: part TFT display, part wraparound sculpture. There is a touchpad, there are many fine materials, the rear seats are individual chairs, there's a head-up display, and there are many on-board assistants to help you drive.

All very impressive, Merc, but... crystal headlights? Really?