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Cancel all cars: a BMW M3 Touring has been confirmed

For the first time, there’ll be an M3 estate, so shall we just complete 'cars' now?

The Bentley Bentayga Speed isn’t Speedier than the old one

But with 626bhp and a ridiculous top speed of 306kph, did it really need to be?

Three new VW R-Line additions debut locally

Racy R-Line kitted Arteon, Tiguan Allspace and Passat enters VPCM line up

Knight Rider’s ‘KITT’ has to be The Best Car In The World

Glorious pics of the TV star as it heads to Petersen’s Automotive Museum

Out the way, the Avtoros Shaman ambulance is coming

Stuck in deepest Russia with a hurty leg? The 8x8 Shamambulance is on its way

The Rolls Ghost's new AWD chassis will *think* for you

Rolls-Royce details the second-gen Ghost's fancy suspension and all-wheel steering