Watch a 240kph Honda lawnmower race up Goodwood

By topgear, 15 July 2018

Honda wants its record back. In 2014 – together with Top Gear – it set a Guinness World Record for the fastest ever lawn mower, clocking a top speed of 187.609kph.

Only a year later, some blokes from a Norwegian tuning firm decided that record was there for the taking. They strapped a Corvette V8 into a mower and smashed the 187.609kph run with a 216kph run. Blast.

Well, Honda is back. And this is Mean Mower V2. We’ve got the whole build story here, but in short, it’s been built by Team Dynamics (of Honda BTCC fame), and uses an SP1 Fireblade engine as its motive force.

And there’s quite a bit of force. 190bhp+, at a heady 13,000rpm. All in, Team Dynamics reckon on a dry weight of 200kg. You do the maths.

Honda’s banking on a top speed of somewhere around 241kph, which is of course, mildly terrifying. And a record-breaking speed.

Before it goes on that top speed run, Honda shipped it down to Goodwood for a little run up the hill. And if there’s one thing you need to see today, it’s the sight of a modified lawn mower hooning up a hillclimb.

Hit play. Sit back. Enjoy.