Tun Mahathir’s ambition: new Malaysian national car

By ahmadzulizwan, 11 June 2018

This will make your mind go all sort of directions – Tun Dr Mahathir has expressed his desire to start a new national car project. According to the Bernama report, the prime minister said this during the 24th International Conference on the Future of Asia or Nikkei Conference, and pointed out that Proton – which he started – is no longer a national car after selling almost half of it shares to Geely.

“Our ambition is to start a (new) national car with partners in the region.” Tun Mahathir later mentioned countries such as Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and even China, which are all of course countries that are able to produce quality and marketable cars.

“We want to access world markets (with the new car project),” he added.