Pahang police: 3,695 summonses issued in three days

By ahmadzulizwan, 12 June 2018

The Pahang police force has so far issued 3,695 summonses in the first three days of Ops Selamat 13 which started on 8 June 2018. That number is lower when compared to the 3,958 summons issued within the same duration last year, and according to Pahang chief of police, Datuk Seri Rosli Ab Rahman, most of the offences were from driving above the speed limit and overtaking over double lines.

Having said that, Rosli would like to remind road users that the speed limit at federal and state roads have been reduced from 90kph to 80kph, and from 80kph to 70kph respectively.

The first three days of Ops Selamat have also seen 184 accident cases in the state,  one more than last year with 183 cases. Unfortunately this small increase does not represent the number of fatalities – so far the police have recorded seven deaths from road accidents compared to only three in the same time period from last year.

Ops Selamat 13 will also focus on other traffic offences including driving in the emergency lane, not following traffic light signals, queue-cutting, and using the phone while driving.