Nissan exits compact car segment in Europe

By ahmadzulizwan, 13 September 2018

If you’re still unconvinced that the SUV segment is all-important right now, consider that Nissan has pulled out of Europe’s and Russia’s compact car market. This is after recognising how buyers are mostly choosing the practicality of sports utility vehicles/crossovers.

Nissan stopped production of the Pulsar for the European market in June, officially ending the fight the car was designed to bring to the VW Golf and Ford Focus. Later this year, the Japanese firm will also stop making the Almera sedan for the Russian market (which is not quite like the one we have in Malaysia, but the same no-frills sedan philosophy).

Currently, the Russian-market Almera sedan is built in Togliatti by Renault. This city is also the home of Russian carmaker Lada.

That leaves only a single non-SUV Nissan compact car in Europe, which is the Leaf EV. Sure, there’s still the Micra but that’s smaller and functions as a VW Polo fighter. It’s doing fairly well, with almost 5,780 units sold in July and third best-seller across the brand’s line-up (in Europe). In fact, that number is more than the 4,000 units of Nissan Leaf sold in the same month. But still a far cry from the Qashqai sales which reached 24,009 units. The X-Trail is next best with 6,840 units sold.