JPJ: Update your home address, it’s the law

By ahmadzulizwan, 07 June 2018

The Road Transport Department (or JPJ in BM) has issued a statement urging vehicle owners and driving license holders to update their home address as soon as possible. This order is based on the subsection 58A (1) Road Transportation Act 1987, where it requires every single owner of a registered motorised vehicle or holder of a driving license to update their home address with the JPJ within two months of the move. Failure to do so is an offence, as with providing an incomplete address.

Updating your information can be done at any state JPJ office , branch, or UTC offices across the country. It’s also free.

Those with mySIKAP ID may even do so online without visiting a JPJ office. How do you get your mySIKAP ID? By registering and getting said ID from a JPJ office. (I know)

This statement by JPJ has to be related to the difficulty in tracking owners of vehicles affected by the long-standing Takata recall issue. According to minister of transport Anthony Loke, 358,233 vehicles are still fitted with defective Takata inflators that need to be changed.

The car companies affected are Toyota, Nissan, Honda, BMW, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Mazda, and Lexus. While these companies have all made attempts to contact the owners, various issues, including vehicles which have been sold, or owners who have moved house have made the recall move difficult.

Previously, Anthony has already stated that car owners which have yet to comply with the recall will not be able to renew the affected vehicle’s road tax.