Be afraid of Japan's new Nissan GT-R police car

By topgear, 19 June 2018

On the list of really rather cool police cars, the Nissan GT-R occupies a position near the top. It’s fast. It’s grippy. There’s loads of tech thrown at it and also, if we hadn’t mentioned, it’s fast.

Scary, too, when dressed up as a Japanese police car. We’re told this particular example was donated to the Tochigi Police force by an unnamed individual.

It started out in life as a ‘Pure’ edition GT-R, but has been treated to a conversion via a local sales company for its new life as a police car.

And, there endeth the lesson. No more info is available, but you already know lots about the GT-R. Twin-turbo V6. Lots of horsepower. Four-wheel drvie. Scary pace. Now, in its police onesie, even scarier.