Record monster truck jump

Monster Jump

"We're gonna keep jumping the truck ‘til we break the record, or break the truck." Not our words (surprisingly), but the words of Joe Sylvester, driver of Bad Habit, a 4535kg, 1400hp monster truck that's just broken the world record monster truck distance jump at the Cornfield 500.


How not to park a monster truck

Monster Truck Park

Is this Sister Wendy, the lovely nun Hammond taught to drive a monster truck, at this year's Monster Showdown in Reynosa, Mexico?


This is the world’s fastest drift

Purveyor of polarising beer and world record, er, recorder, Guinness, has confirmed that Jakub Przygoński has set the fastest official drifting speed in his modded Toyota GT86.


Camaro toy transforms ITSELF

Large Image

You might as well draw a line under your childhood with a footnote that reads ‘underwhelming'. Chiefly because you didn't have this wonderful contraption in your life. It's a self-transporting robot Camaro, and thus, a proper Transformer.


Audi A1 e-tron


The Car

Are you a tree-hugger? Or are you fascinated by the prospect of an all-electric drive? The A1 e-tron, as Audi explains, is a "customer centric creation" that not only comprises of the car itself, but rather an entire ecosystem that will make driving a electric car feasible. The electrification plan Audi has also includes city planning for better electric vehicle support and a more holistic approach to sustainable mobility, taking into account how the urban environment is constantly evolving.


James May on: retro car styling

James May

For some years now, the May household has been looking into some extensive building modifications. This is not a very big or remarkable house. The rooms are badly sized and arranged, and it's upside-down. Not literally - I mean that the sitting room is upstairs and one of the bedrooms down, for no obvious reason.


Audi RS 4 Avant Quattro

Audi RS4 Lot

The Car

Every Audi fan’s favourite Avant is finally making its rounds in Singapore. Like the seminal Porsche-fettled RS 2, the latest B8 RS 4 will only be available in Avant (Audi-speak for estate), in contrast to its most recent predecessor’s (and six-speed manual-only) sedan and estate variants.


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Clarkson on: car adverts


>A recent survey in my house found that football is more interesting, by miles, than even the most exotic Lewis Hamilton overtaking move, while a rather more wide-ranging questionnaire revealed that, today, most teenagers aspire to own the latest smartphone more than they do a car.


Hammond on the CB radio

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I never had a CB radio in the early Eighties, and it bothered me. Ok, so I never had a BMX or a skateboard either, but it was the CB that tempted me like a tray of burgers at a health farm. Jeremy will tell you that they are only used by murderers in 4x4s to swap details of snuff websites and plan satanic rituals. But he's a man who spends way too much time agonising over what type of olives he should have with his rocket and loganberry salad to be trusted in matters extending more than a metre beyond the delicatessen door. I wanted one because the truckers in the convoy movies had them and said cool stuff on them and used numbers when they meant "yes" or "no" and had ‘handles'. The fact is, CBs were just cool and I really couldn't see why every truck and every family car in the country didn't have one so we could drive around saying cool stuff.