The Mercedes AMG GT S Roadster is fast, and very yellow

New mid-point for AMG GT line-up
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If you’ve held off buying a Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster because the standard car’s 469bhp isn’t enough, but the widebody GT C Roadster’s 549bhp is simply too much, we have EXCELLENT NEWS. The mid-level GT S is no longer available only as a Coupe – you can get a Roadster now too, with 515bhp. Bit more than the regular GT, and a bit less than the C.

Same goes for 0-62mph (0-100kph) times. The GT takes 4 seconds and the C 3.7 seconds. The S takes 3.8 seconds. Top speed? 188mph (303kph) for the standard car, 196mph (315kph) for the C and… 191mph (307kph) for the new S. The engine is of course the same 4.0-litre, twin-turbo V8 you get in pretty much every V8-engined AMG.

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Its spec mirrors that of the Coupe, in that it’s slightly more serious than the standard Roadster, but less so than the C (there is no GT R Roadster). So you get the ‘AMG Ride Control’ adaptive dampers, electronically-controlled diff, bigger brakes and ‘RACE’ mode of the C, but not the all-wheel steering (at least as standard) or super-wide rear tyres (and accompanying arches).

You’ll ignore it and buy the C – because of course you will. But still, nice to have the option. Prices start at £126,730, and the first cars arrive in August.

Author: TopGear
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