AD: Customised performance with RaceChip

RaceChip products are plug-and- play but not universal. Here’s why…


RaceChip’s wide array of chip-tuning products made to unlock your car’s full potential are plug-and-play but they are not universal. The German company invests plenty of R&D in studying the parameters of each car’s powertrains before customising its products to safely and effectively work with every compatible car.

In the case of our recent test of the RaceChip GTS Black in a E71 BMW X6 3.0 Diesel, the car in question features a powertrain which behaves differently from a petrol-powered machine. Interestingly, RaceChip was the first company to launch a chip for diesel engines with pump nozzle technology for end users. The expertise has naturally improved over the years, which explains RaceChip’s wide coverage of diesel engines today.


The GTS Black chip tested judiciously over two months in the BMW X6 features new software that includes seven fine tuning mappings which are precisely calibrated for individual engines to adapt to different performance characteristics. Furthermore, the GTS Black comes with the option of easier drive mode selection using a mobile app. 

Under normal driving conditions (town driving), the performance increase in the BMW X6 is hardly
noticeable. But when the engine is challenged,you immediately get more power and urgency within the first three gears alone with the help of RaceChip GTS Black. GTS5

In fact, a few 0-100kph real tests in Sport Mode showed a 0.7-second improvement over stock performance, with the reasonably aged X6 averaging 6.8 seconds on the century sprint using RaceChip GTS Black. This improvement is especially notable when cruising on the highway at high speeds, with torque delivery between 130-180kph also sharper for easier overtaking. 

While not every car can expect the same increase in output due to technical limitations and different architecure of each powertrain, RaceChip’s mission of unlocking the full potential of every car it tests is steadfast. Since the company is based in Europe, it may not have a compatible chip for many regional and local models. But avid drivers whose cars are RaceChip ready will find their money well spent with any one of the company’s offerings


Author: TopGear
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