AD: RaceChip GTS Black Quick Review

Top-of-the-line chiptuning product offers hassle-free way to unlock maximum performance

 Last month, we detailed everything there is to know about Racechip and its range of plug-and-play products that unlock more horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency for a selection of cars.

At the top of the range is the GTS Black, which is capable of raising the horsepower and torque of compatible cars by up to 30 percent, improve fuel efficiency by up to 15 percent. The other feature that sets the GTS Black apart from entry-level models is the seven separate fine-tuning mappings it offers, depending on the driver’s preference.

To put these claims to the test, a GTS Black chip was installed in a BMW X6. The test mule is a nine-year-old diesel-powered car, which will challenge the GTS’s Black ability to significantly enhance the performance of an older vehicle that doesn’t run on petrol. The installation process only involves locating the wiring loom between the engine controls and sensors and hooking the chip up to existing ports, with zero modification to the stock hardware – something that takes minutes, with no interference of any oily bits whatsoever.

Right off the bat, the X6 felt more responsive than before. However, additional testing is required so stay tuned for the next report on the GTS Black’s real-world performance. It is worth noting that unlike the standard GTS, the GTS Black also features a warm-up timer to preserve the engine, meaning it will only activate once the engine has reached its optimum operating temperature. So that’s something that will be observed as well.

RaceChip GTS Black can be purchased from local distributor, RaceChip Chiptuning Malaysia, at a retail price of RM5,599, inclusive of GST. For RM5,999, you can get a Bluetooth-enabled chip which will allow you to select driving modes from an app instead of popping up the hood to access the module directly.

It may not be cheap, but it is one of the cleanest and most mechanically un-intrusive way to extract more performance from your engine. RaceChip GTS Black customers also have the option to have it reprogrammed for free up to two times should you want to have it installed in another car.

If you’re interested, like and follow RaceChip Chiptuning Malaysia on Facebook to qualify for a special fan price of RM4,599 for the GTS Black (RM4,999 with Bluetooth and app). Don’t forget to watch this space for a more in-depth performance analysis of the GTS Black.

Author: TopGear
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