Coming to Geneva: the rest of this Supra teaser

No, it won’t be launched, in fact Toyota says the car is not even ready for production. But anytime soon is good with us, Toyota

Supra teaser

Get ready folks, more Toyota Supra teasers from Toyota. Or in this case, a single image from the company with the simple e-mail title that says ‘The Legend is Back’.

Back where? That’ll be the Geneva show in March. But best to not be too excited because the press release continues with a line that says… ‘a modern racing concept’. This probably means that the car is still in concept stage, although naturally we refuse to accept this reality and imagines the car is close to leaving tyre marks on mountain passes the world over.

What we do know is that is was co-developed with BMW which will use it as the next Z4. And the German roadster will come out this year. So what’s up. Toyota?

Ahmad Zulizwan
Author: Ahmad Zulizwan
Take it to the track, please.