Five reasons to get hitched in a Mercedes-Benz

It’s arguably the most sought after brand for wedding cars in Malaysia. But why?

Mercedes Wedding Car 7

1. It’s a universal choice
With two sets of extended families involved, pleasing everyone can be an impossible task. Debates will rage over the date, venue and catering, among others. But a wedding car brandishing the three-pointed star is something both your folks and in-laws will likely agree on. They may have gotten hitched in an old W123 Benz, themselves. If they didn’t, they probably wished they did, such is the brand’s synonymy with one of life’s most magical events over many generations.

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2. Ballroom-like cabins
Traditionally, Mercs, like many continental cars, were pricier, posher and larger alternatives to the average Japanese runabout. The latter may no longer apply to the brand’s compact offerings such as the A-Class or sleek sports cars like the AMG C43 Coupe, but long-time favourites such as the E-Class and S-Class “limousines” still deliver all the space for the bride and groom to bask in comfortably, finished in a high level of luxury befitting the grand occasion.

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3. They’ll go the distance
The entire Mercedes-Benz engine line-up is now turbocharged, having down-sized in recent years for the sake of better fuel economy and cleaner emissions. What this means is more mileage for every Ringgit spent on petrol. Even if you were to go all out in a lavish S400h, you’ll be happy to know that the hybrid S-Class only sips 6.3l/100km, on paper at least. Plugin-hybrid sedans like the C350e and E350e raise the efficiency game a bit further, with published consumption figures of 2.1 and 2.5l/100km respectively. This will certainly come in handy for ceremonies and rituals that involve lots of driving in between, especially with inter-state marriages.

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4. The plugins are clean too
Assigning chariot duties to a plugin-hybrid Merc will bode well for your environmental conscience on your big day too. The C350e, for example, emits just 48g of carbon dioxide per kilometre travelled on a combined cycle. Many conventional cars spew triple the amount. Sure, there are no emissions-based incentives for drivers in Malaysia just yet, but a clean wedding car which can operate purely on electricity will not fog up the hotel lobby with exhaust fumes, making small talk with arriving guests a much less laborious task, for your lungs at least.

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5. Getting one isn’t difficult
Let’s face it, many wedding cars aren’t actually owned by the bride or groom themselves. After all, a luxury car is typically something many would indulge in after settling down. Even if you had the dough to rent the Bugatti or Koenigsegg of your dreams, finding one is practically impossible. Mercs are popular premium offerings by rental companies, but you’re bound to know an uncle or a colleague who’d loan you theirs for free as long as they’re invited. After all, Mercedes-Benz has been selling over 10,000 cars here annually for the past three consecutive years, which is more than some mainstream brands can muster.

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Author: Daryl Loy