Mazda will unveil the facelifted Mazda6 wagon at Geneva

There’s still life in the current-gen Mazda6 family; wagon version joins sedan in receiving a facelift

Mazda6 wagon 1

Mazda will bring the updated Mazda6 wagon to the Geneva International Motor Show next month for its world debut, along with the Mazda6 sedan for its first public appearance in the European continent.

This will be the third update for the wagon since the third-generation model was first introduced in 2012. According to the company’s press release, third update is aimed to ‘enhance the daily lives of people who love cars, incorporating premium details and new engineering concepts and technologies based on Mazda's human-centered design philosophy.’

So not the kind of thing that gives any real details but what can I say? I only work here.

Mazda6 wagon 3

But from the little amount of pictures we have, we can see that the upcoming new wagon follows the facelifted sedan version which was revealed not long ago during the 2017 LA Auto Show. That includes the new more intricate front grille. Since the grille itself is framed by a new shape of, urm, frame, it affects how the lights are designed. For example the frame that used to extend to the upper edge of the headlight is now below it.

Naturally, the wagon version will follow the sedan’s dashboard we can see below. Not bad.

Mazda6 wagon 2

Also appearing at Geneva will be Mazda Kai Concept and Mazda Vision Coupe. We’ve already seen and written about these cars here, when it made its global debut at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017.

Also, the Mazda6 sedan will appear for the European public for the first time.

Ahmad Zulizwan
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