AD: RaceChip makes tuning easy

German chiptuning product unlocks up to 30 percent more power without getting any grease on your hands


Most cars today are driven by wires and the electric signals they carry. These signals determine the performance curves of a car, its transmission timing and throttle response among other things. So if you can modify these signals, you should be able to make your car drive more aggressively or with more restraint, depending on what you’re after.

This is the theory that drives RaceChip, a German company established in 2008 specialising in extracting more horses and torque from a modern car engine with chip tuning alone, minus any oily bits.


Like a computer processor, a modern car typically has a small reserve of horsepower and torque on top of its published output. By tapping into this hidden potential, RaceChip products claim to unlock up to 30 percent more horsepower and torque, as well as 15 percent better efficiency, without any effect on stock hardware or software.

RaceChip is plug-and-play, and it takes only 10 minutes to get it all hooked up in the wiring loom between the engine controls and sensors. This ease of use may seem too good to be true if RaceChip claims to boost any car by the same degree. However, that is not the case. Each device is tuned to work with a specific range of cars, taking into account their factory engine mapping and other digital parameters for optimum results.

Essentially, it is this high level of detailed research that RaceChip customers are paying for. Prices range between RM1,999 to RM5,999 in Malaysia, where a complete range consisting of the RaceChip S, RaceChip RS, and RaceChip GTS Black is sold by local distributor RaceChip Chiptuning Malaysia.



Each model varies in terms of rate of unlockable performance and efficiency, as well as number of pre-set engine maps. At an added cost, the RS, GTS and GTS Black models can be had with Bluetooth, which allows the user to select engine maps via a mobile application. Without this connectivity, users would have to manually select the preferred setting directly on the device in the engine bay.

RaceChip also offers something for enthusiasts who want a simpler solution to making their car more responsive called the RaceChip XLR. Connected between the throttle pedal sensor and engine control unit, XLR amplifies or reduces the signals sent by the throttle depending on the selected driving mode. A mode selector with seven driving modes is also part of the RaceChip XLR package, which costs RM1,799.

For more information on RaceChip products and services offered here, look up RaceChip Chiptuning Malaysia on Facebook. Facebook fans are eligible for discounts of up to RM1,000, so do drop them a like while you’re at it.

Author: Daryl Loy