Genovation’s mad electric Corvette will do 354kph

‘GXE’ all-electric supercar revealed in Las Vegas: 800bhp+ and 0-97kph in under three secs

Genovation 220mph EV 1

A couple of years ago, an American company called Genovation announced that it had built an all-electric supercar from the bones of a Chevrolet Corvette and set a top speed world record (330.9kph) for a street legal EV.

Now, this American company called Genovation has announced - at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show - the latest version of its all-electric supercar from the bones of a Chevrolet Corvette which promises yet more speed. Meet the 354kph GXE.

“Our objective is offering a sustainable all-electric high performance supercar,” explains Genovation boss Andrew Saul, “with record-shattering speed capability, paired with ample and efficient range.” So no biggie then: all the speed, all the range.

The GXE is built around the aluminium platform of the new Corvette – the company “proud to pay tribute to American engineering” – and we’re told it uses the most advanced batteries, inverters and electric twin-motors.

As such, it produces over 800bhp and 949Nm of torque, channelled via either a seven-speed manual gearbox (a manual in an EV?), or a paddle-shift auto, to the rear wheels.

Genovation 220mph EV 2

Floor it, and you’re looking at the slightly scary end of 0-97kph in “less than three seconds”, and a top speed “in excess of 354kph”. That’s, um, quite ludicrously fast. Enough to elevate the GXE – if that speed is possible of course – into the very highest stratum of hypercars.

Range? Around 282 kilometres “in normal driving operation”, though what constitutes ‘normal’ in an 800bhp, 354kph electric supercar might differ from your average Nissan Leaf, one suspects.

Genovation has gone to great lengths to ensure a 50/50 weight distribution (though no weight figure is given), fitted Brembo brakes, carbon fibre wheels, and a bespoke Alcantara and leather interior. The exterior you’ll spot, is all Corvette. No bad thing. Genovation will paint each GXE in a tri-coat, selected by the prospective customer.

And there will only be 75 customers, because only 75 GXEs are being planned. POA, too, with the first cars expected to be delivered later this year.

Author: TopGear
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