Chevrolet’s new Silverado looks brutal

Teaser pic comes way before its reveal in March, happening in Indianapolis during The World Truck Show 2018. Where else, right?

Silverado 1

For obvious reasons we really shouldn’t be too excited about Chevrolet’s new Silverado 4500HD/5500HD trucks that will be revealed at The World Truck Show in March. After all, while trucks do have its place and role, it doesn’t get to do it all the time. Plus, it’s a Chevrolet…

But that teaser pic is something else, isn’t it? It feels like Tony Stark should be beside it, telling the world that Iron Man now drives a truck.

Despite the imposing look of the vehicle, Chevrolet describes the new Silverado as a medium-duty truck. It will be available in regular and crew cabs, with choice of 2WD or 4WD, plus a range of wheelbases. Underneath the hood will be Duramax diesel engines and Allison transmissions, a combination that so far has provided power for up to two million trucks.

Among the modern features fitted to the Silverado includes OnStar (communication-based driver assist system), 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and a number of telematic services.

Details of the truck is only coming in March, while production is scheduled to start late 2018.

* Also, a simple photo editing reveals what the company is hiding in the shadows. Like it? We won’t be surprised if you don’t.

Silverado 2

Ahmad Zulizwan
Author: Ahmad Zulizwan
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