TG Friday List: 10 most exciting cars launched in 2017

It’s been an interesting year with quite a few car launches that got us suitably energised. We list them all here


The calendar’s looking a bit bare nowadays, unembellished by assignment notes usually occupied by launches or other media events. Yes, it’s the end of the year when things go a bit slower, giving some of us time to reflect.

It’s only when we look at the cars launched the past twelve months do we realise just how truly interesting it has been. Here we compile a list of cars launched in 2017 which got us most excited, some in their own interesting way. Here we go: (in order of launch sequence)

Aventador S 1

Lamborghini Aventador S
If Batman decided to fight crime in KL instead, he would have walked into the Glenmarie showroom and bought one of these. 6.5L V12, 740bhp, 690Nm, AWD, and with doors that open in such a dramatic way passers-by would gladly lift them up for you. And the sound it makes! Price starts from Rm1.8 mil.

Click here for the launch report.

MazdaMX 5RF 2L 6

Mazda MX-5 RF
The horsepower count goes way down compared to the Aventador. But there’s still plenty of fun in this 158bhp machine thanks to being rear-wheel drive; the car’s chassis, and lightweight construction. Massive plus points for the retractable roof, and the winner – a 6-speed manual gearbox. Yay! Price from RM242,717… booo!
Yet we still want it. Details here


Honda Jazz and City Hybrid
“They’ve lost their mind”, that’s what you’re thinking we guess. But hear us out – forget the car’s horsepower, or indeed the lack of it. Malaysia was the first country in the world outside Japan which got this new iDCD powertrain. Not Europe, not China, not America (sorry, Trump). So yeah, in this list it goes.
For the Jazz Hybrid launch report, here please,
And click here for the City Hybrid

Porsche Panamera Turbo 3

Porsche Panamera Turbo
Our launch story says, “It’s shock and awe for the driver – 550hp between 5,750 to 6,000rpm and 770Nm between 1,960 to 4,500rpm”. Mind you, this is something you can haul your family in without hesitation. That folding rear spoiler is handy to divert the attention of the cop who just pulled you over for speeding too. From RM1.55 million a pop.
Launch report, here

Ferrari 812 Superfast 2

Ferrari 812 Superfast
We’re tempted to dial 812-Superfast and see if anyone answers the phone but that’s nowhere as fun as driving this we bet. 789bhp and 718Nm from a V12? An Italian V12 at that? Plus active aero, SSC5 (drift control basically), and a steering wheel with too many buttons. Price from RM1.58… million. Don’t forget the million.
Follow this link, and be wow-ed some more

Mercedes-AMG E63 S
Don’t quote us on this (please don’t) but a large percentage of global drifts by motoring journalists in 2017 must have been done in one of these. When did the world decide it was appropriate for an E Class sedan to have 612bhp and 850Nm? Did you get the memo? In any case, glad it’s here; for almost RM1 million.

For more info, head here


Volvo S90 T8
This is the only car here – with dictator-level power – that is assembled locally. In fact, it is the only plug-in hybrid here too. The price is RM388,888 for the top-spec Inscription Plus trim, and you get 407bhp and 640Nm. It could take on the Panamera Turbo in a drag race… and lose, but all 8 or 9 people in the two cars would have enjoyed themselves in total comfort all the same.

Click here for the launch report

5D3 3453

Rolls-Royce Phantom
Even the Ferrari is a bit more honoured now that the new Phantom is in this list. Rolls-Royce can and will customise anything for you. Apparently, they will even come to your estate and chop down one of your tress and use the wood for the car’s dashboard, if you so wish. But do that and the starting price of RM2.2 million will take a trip up too. Brutally classy.

Launch report, here

Porsche 911 GT3 6

Porsche 911 GT3
Rear-wheel drive, naturally aspirated boxer engine, (available) manual gearbox, 500bhp – does that give you goosebumps? A marvellous performer on track with an equally majestic flat-six soundtrack to enjoy. A PDK-equipped car is fun too – a tad faster as well – but we know what we’d go for. Would need to sell everything you and I own first though; price from RM1.7 million
Details are available here

Mercedes AMG GT R 1

10 Mercedes-AMG GT R
Launched just a single day after the 911 GT3, so any guesses what the GT R wants to play with? This one comes with a turbo V8 though; it produces 585bhp, 700Nm, 7-speed DCT, and RWD. And the price? Interesting, it’s RM1.7mil too. Naughty.
Click here for more details


+1 Honda Civic Type R
Yes, it’s a top ten list but no one can justify not having the FK8R here. So iconic, so rooted to the local racing/high performance car scene; just so frigin’ quick. It may look familiar but it’s really a ‘different’ car. Turbocharged, more electronics, and more composed (as in less Niagara Falls, more KLCC fountain) but still pulls our interest. Oh, more expensive too – RM320,000.

Find out more, here

Triumph Street Triple RS

+2. Triumph Street Triple 765
Couldn’t stop ourselves, nothing tops the power-per-litre madness a bike brings. Packing a more powerful 765cc triple-cylinder heart, a strengthened and lightened chassis, not forgetting a clutch of intelligent electronics and accompanying hardware, the world’s most capable streetfighter got even better in this new form. Price from RM52,900, for a lot of performance.
Get more details, here

Ahmad Zulizwan
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