Watch a rally driver drift through thin air

Check out this Mitsubishi Evo that was sent flying in spectacular fashion

Mitsu Evo

The aptitude required to be a top-flight rally driver is pretty insane. To succeed, you have to have the superhuman ability to disconnect your brain and plug in your balls, then trust your innate ability to manoeuvre yourself out of danger when it inevitably arises.

Want an example? Well, check out the footage from Lithuania’s Samsonas Rally Rokiškis, where local driver Vaidotas Žala takes flight in his Mitsubishi Evo to drift through nothing but thin air.

Watching an Evo scramble to find traction mid-flight makes for interesting viewing, but the onboard in the second video below gives an eye-opening insight into the mind of a nutty rally-ist. Approaching the corner flat-out, his navigator clears him for take-off and Vaidotas simply pitches it into a blind right-hand crest and just sends the car – sideways – through the air, only to nonchalantly apply opposite lock while airborne and land in preparation for the next pace note. Incredible.

Vaidotas, take a bow son.

Author: TopGear
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