Video: 2001 race is Sepang’s best visitors choose 2001 as the best race yet. Dry, wet, all at the same time; wild off-track excursions, it’s got it all. Do you agree?


They are approximately 13.9 trillion whines and complaints (yes, I checked. Absolutely) about how F1 has ‘lost its way’ and ‘it’s boring’. Yes, there is some truth in that but – sometime – that’s how progress go. You think everyone took to the idea of ‘mechanical carriages’ a.k.a. automobiles with delight when it was first introduced?

Anyway, this weekend’s F1 race will be Sepang’s 19th, and final, race. And praises to Liberty Media (F1’s new commercial owner), they’re much better at embracing the digital space; which is why they’ve released the FULL video of the 2001 race.

Okay, this is before HD broadcasts, so the footage looks like it was filmed using a potato. But apparently the 2001 race is the best one yet, as chosen by visitors, with 42.5 per cent of votes.

Next was the 2012 race, and with 22.5 per cent of votes, the third best is the 2003 spectacle.

Just play the clip and listen to the glorious V10 engines. And gravel traps… man, we do miss those gravel traps. Make a mistake and you’re likely taking a kapchai back to the pit. Also, note the number of spectators enjoying the race on the grass. Crazy!

Click on this link to watch the race. (F1 protects their ownershiprights of the series very seriously. But you already know that...)

[Note: this video is only online for 19 days, unfortunately]

Ahmad Zulizwan
Author: Ahmad Zulizwan
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