Watch McLaren build a life-size 720S out of Lego

Supercars, Lego, and raising money for charity combine in one glorious time-lapse


McLaren publicly created the slowest, heaviest supercar in its history at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Oh, the irony. Instead, the famously fastidious Woking marque built something a tad more juvenile. A Lego car. A really big one. A 1:1 scale, life-size 720S, in fact. Well, supercars are the ultimate grown-up toys, aren’t they?

As this uber-satisfying time-lapse video tells us, the project took over 2,000 man hours and the small matter of 280,000 individual bricks. Small wonder the 1,600kg ‘car’ had to rest on a reinforced metal frame concealed under the angular 8-bit bodywork.

[For our test drive report of the real-life, non-Lego 720S, click here]

Note the large quantity of laptops used in the early build phase. How very McLaren. Even when mucking about with building blocks, they’ve got computer-aided design backing up the playtime.

Offering visitors to GFoS the chance to help complete the model by adding the final 12,000 bricks helped raise £2,700 for charity, and no doubt inspired more than a few home-brew construction projects. If you freeze-frame the video enough and have access to about a quarter of a million bricks, you could probably give this version a go yourself. Best of luck.

Author: TopGear
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