Watch: mad 1,060bhp Nissan drifts up a closed road

Formula D pro Matt Field lays down some slicks in Cali in his supercharged Silvia S14

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It’s Friday. It’s been a long week. You’re tired. You’re looking forward to the weekend, and right now, what you most want is a comforting arm around your shoulder; perhaps a little hug.

This is your hug, if a hug were captured in digital form, and if a hug meant five minutes of the most eye-pleasing, banzai drifting you’re likely to watch today. It is a soothing balm on the fevered brow of your week.

It is five minutes of Formula D pro Matt Field and his supercharged, LS-engined Nissan Silvia S14 ripping through a “calm and quiet California reservoir road”. Understandably, this was shot on a closed road, though that didn’t stop Field being interrupted by an errant chicken…

So, stop what you’re doing, plug in your headphones and watch Field go a little nuts and drift his way up a rather narrow road course.

Author: TopGear
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