Video: rally driver sends his Fiesta flying

Watch Mads Ostberg turn his little hatchback into a ground-to-air missile at Rally Finland


Fifty metres is a long way. Now imagine that length laid down on its side, which is roughly 950 golf tees laid end-to-end, or seven and a half Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousines. Now, imagine jumping a car over that.

Actually, don’t: just click play on the video below. Fifty metres is exactly the distance that Norwegian lunatic Mads Ostberg sent his Fiesta WRC car on the Ouninpohja stage of Rally Finland recently.

Pinning the throttle during the second running of the stage, Mads entered the right-hander before the famous and blind “Yellow House Jump” with maximum commitment. The result of such ballsiness sent his little hatchback flying fifty metres through the air, which created a frenzy of crazy and possibly drunk fans in the forest slightly wild. It was the longest distance spent airborne by any driver that weekend, but wasn’t enough to break the record of 58 meters. But there’s always next year.

Author: TopGear
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