Watch Mad Mike drift a 1,200bhp MX-5 at Goodwood

New Zealand drift-king does Goodwood sideways. Very sideways.


Lord March’s driveway is tricky enough driven straight let alone at a steady and consistent 45-degree angle. But New Zealander Mad Mike Whiddett, known for his love of smokey drifting and rotary-engined Mazdas, does not know how to drive in a straight line.

You’ve seen him scare March’s butler half to death in his Trophy Truck, now watch him drive his 1,200bhp quad-rotor Mazda MX5 up the hill at this weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. Sideways, obviously.

Mike’s a bit of a FoS veteran. He was there last year, and the year before. But we reckon this year’s run trumps all. The level of sideways on display here is astounding – he even gets crossed-up around the Flint Wall and through Molecomb, the scene of many an embarrassing accident.

Run of the weekend?

Author: TopGear
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