Video: here's what a Lego crash test looks like

It's Lego Porsche 911 GT3 RS vs wall, as a toy faces the same crash test as grown up cars


You’ve seen crash test videos before. Very worthy affairs, they show us how safe (or not) the cars we buy are. Sometimes they’re a little scary to watch.

Not this one, though. The Lego Porsche 911 GT3 RS – all 300 euros and 2,700 pieces of it – has been subjected to a full, grown up ADAC crash test. It’s been slammed into a miniature wall at almost 30mph and the results are the dramatic, oddly bewitching video above.

“The challenge was to test this small car in the normal crash system and still produce the most realistic damage possible,” says Johannes Heilmaier, head of ADAC’s crash-testing system.

“We developed a crash setup like for any other car – just in mini format. The chassis of the car had no problems with the high speed.”

The car’s general wellbeing, on the other hand, doesn’t look great. At least not to us. The video’s probably pretty galling viewing for whoever pieced the Porsche together.

What do you think: worthwhile experiment? Or a crime against a brilliant toy?

Author: TopGear
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