Video: It’s the supercar vending machine!

Can you name all the cars in this wondrously futuristic supercar showroom?


This, ladies and gentleman, isn’t the future. It’s the present day.

The supercar vending machine you’ve always dreamed about is now a real thing, and buying the cars on your lottery win wish list is as easy as it’s ever been. Well, so long as your bank balance is large enough.

Head to Singapore and you can buy your next sports car – modern or classic – from Autobahn Motors with minimal tyre kicking and little in the way of banal chat. The four columns are 15 storeys high – 60 cars in total, maths fans – and a simple press of a button rotates them all around to put the motorcar you want right in your face.

In theory, then, choosing between a Ferrari 458 Speciale and a Mercedes SL Pagoda has just become as simple as selecting either a Wispa or a Yorkie. (Both, always go both…)

Click the video below for a glimpse of the showroom in action. And if you’re really in the mood to procrastinate, see how many of the vending machine’s goods you can name…

Author: TopGear
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