These are the weird and wonderful supercars of Japan

Our resident supercar spotter has found some absolute gems in and around Tokyo


The last time we heard from our roving supercar paparazzo – Alex Penfold – he was at what looked like the world’s greatest track day in Shanghai, China. That was the second stop on his global car spotting campaign since he packed in hiding in bins around central London. Lucky boy.


But where has he been since? Japan. Home of weird TV gameshows, owl cafes and some of the weirdest and wildest modified supercars on the planet. If you like animal skin Lambos, Pokemon Lambos, light-y Lambos, pink Lambos, plus plentiful Paganis and many rare Ferraris and Porsches – you’re in luck. As there’s all that and more in the gallery below.

So have a go through the vast array of very expensive and mad cars above and tell us what your favourite is in our Facebook page.

Author: TopGear
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