Look at this Kevlar-bodied, 820bhp BMW 2 Series drift car

Video: Latvians take 2 Series, turn it into a drifty V8-powered thing


Awesome as it is, the Ferrari-engined Toyota ‘GT4586’ drift car has had its 15 minutes of fame. Now we’re all about the HGK Eurofighter, a mostly Kevlar-bodied BMW M2 with a high-revving V8 that makes 820bhp.

It’s the work of Latvian drift merchant HGK Motorsport, who upon buying the car immediately stripped it back to bare metal. As you do. The rebuild involved many very serious components, as Speedhunters pointed out when they shot it last year. The engine is a handbuilt Mast Motorsports RHS466 V8 good for 820bhp at 7,000rpm, the transmission is a five-speed sequential from Samsonas and the brakes are Wilwood.

The whole things apparently weights just 1,200kg, which makes sense when you see just how much of the car’s bodywork is made from Kevlar or carbon, and how much of its interior is missing. There really isn’t very much of it left, just a couple of OMP seats with six-point harnesses, an OMP wheel and carbon dash.

Here it is doing some drifting, mostly successfully. Would you have it over the 4586?

Author: TopGear
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