TopGear Malaysia Treasure Hunt 2016 presented by Petron – better than ever

This year, we went to Kuantan and as we had hoped for, everyone had a wonderful good time


It is always a pleasure to bring to our readers the TopGear Malaysia Treasure Hunt competition, and based on the response to the recent one held last weekend, the participants love it too. This time the challenge took us to Kuantan, Pahang. Of course, what would usually comprise of a two plus hour drive turns to roughly seven; all in the spirit of competing.

The morning of the Treasure Hunt started even before the crack of dawn with the organising team busy with set-up. Then the participants started to arrive at Citta Mall before proceeding to prepare their cars for the hunt.

TopGear TreasureHunt 2016 8

Up to 70 teams participated this year, with five of them getting the opportunity of driving cars provided by the TopGear Malaysia Treasure Hunt’s official car provider, Bermaz Motor (authorised distributor of Mazda). The models provided were a Mazda2 and CX-5s.

Once the flag-off ceremony was done with, participants quickly made their way to Gombak for the first round of clues. Being a Saturday morning, traffic was smooth and everyone quickly made their way there.

Next up was the longer part of the trip to the town of Mentakab, Pahang. On the way, there were other small challenges that needed to be accomplished; for example is a video to be posted online by contestants and to see which one got more FB Likes, and another to highlight the treasure hunt’s presenter, Petron.

TopGear TreasureHunt 2016 93

The group started to arrive at Mentakab by noon where another round of detective work were needed to answer the hunt’s riddles. This was a crucial part of the day as submission of answers were only another stop away and of course time is always a factor. In a way, it was as if this laidback town was overrun by treasure hunters, each group or individual walking with a paper in hand and looking like very serious tourists.

TopGear TreasureHunt 2016 29

Once that was done and answers were handed out to the organisers, it was straight on to the Swiss Garden Resort & Spa, Kuantan.

However, it turned out there was one last chance for participants to acquire more points to the ones they already have so far from the Treasure Hunt. The special ‘Zoom Zoom Kick’ challenge that combined a three-legged race and football seemed to be a hit; and since it was held on the beach just made it much more enjoyable.

TopGear TreasureHunt 2016 41

After a quick rest and cleaning up everyone made their way to the banquet hall, most taking the ‘Hawaiian’ theme all in stride. With 70 participating teams – some coming as far away as Labuan – the hall was quickly filled up. Everyone was eager to know the results…

TopGear TreasureHunt 2016 79

There is a reason why experienced teams tend to fare better at treasure hunts: the questions are bizarre and needs plenty of creativity of solve. In the end, everybody had a long, exciting and fun day. With prizes for the Treasure Hunt participants and additional lucky draws, almost everybody walked away with a prize.

TopGear Malaysia would like to thank all our supporters namely presenter Petron and main car sponsor Bermaz Motor Sdn. Bhd. for making it all possible. We look forward to next year!

TopGear Treasure Hunt 2016 presented by Petron sponsors:

Presenter: Petron
Official car: Mazda
Official venue: Swiss Garden Beach Resort & Citta Mall
Partners: Davidoff Horizon, Elite Looks, Elite Stickers, Medklinn, Obermain, Race Chip, Sharp, SunPlay, Systema, Umbro Isotonic Drink, V Kool and Wilson Electronics

Author: TopGear
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