Cortina Watch Malaysia celebrates the launch of Hautlence Vortex Primary

Brand ambassador and Manchester United legend Eric Cantona was also in attendance

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Cortina Watch Malaysia recently hosted an exclusive private dinner to celebrate the launch of the unique Vortex Primary timepiece by Hautlence. The 40 guests who attended the event were joined by Hautlence brand ambassador and footballing legend, Eric Cantona.

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The primary point of conversation during dinner was surely the watch – the Vortex Primary features a three-dimensional case which contains 19 primary-colour crystals. Within the case itself is a HL2.0 calibre mechanism (one of four that Hautlence designed and manufacture in-house) which features 552 components and with a 40-hour power reserve.

It’s a visual stunner; in more ways than usual too. Each time the hour changes, the watch undergoes a metamorphosis and in the changing light, the superimposed crystals transform the Vortex Primary appearance.

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Cantona explains the movement and the watch’s design rather philosophically, “Time is the only inescapable constraint, and that’s why our starting point was the idea of a cage for the case – to remind us that we are physically imprisoned by time, but that our spirit remains free.”

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Later during the night, a special Eric Cantona artwork was unveiled. The piece reinterprets the Vortex Primary design in the form of a vertical structure composed of plexiglass panels in the primary colours. Three versions are available, with each being a unique piece in its own right, apart from exhibited in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Jakarta. All three were given to the first lucky customers of the Vortex Primary.

One artwork is already in the hands of its Malaysian owner, who received it during the event.

Author: TopGear
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