Talk time with Webber

The articulate Aussie is known for his driving, but what about his choice of timepiece?


Chopard has always maintained a strong link with motor racing. Both, of course, share similar dependency on accuracy and reliability; certainly style too for the former. Which is why the watchmaker chooses to associate itself with one of the most respected brands – Porsche. Not only is it a leader in high performance cars, but also proving its pedigree where it matters: the racing track.

Recently, managed to speak with former F1 star and now Porsche LMP1 driver Mark Webber to find out his view about racing, and Chopard.


How different is the element of timing in a 24-hour race from something considerably shorter like Formula One?
MW: “Timing is always crucial in motorsport, whether it’s a two hour Formula One race or a 24 hour sportscar race.  Every second counts and every lap is on the limit.  Obviously you’ve got more opportunity to make up time in the 24hr race, as inevitably there is more chance things can go wrong for yourself or your opposition.  But the clock is always ticking.”

As drivers, are you equally invested in your timing from behind the wheel as the boys in the pit? “All of us in the team are completely focussed and invested in the lap times the car is doing, whether you’re driving the car, standing watching your teammate from a pit screen, or an engineer with a lap chart – it is what we’re all measured by.”

The Porsche 919 is undeniably 'Superfast', especially after this year's showing. But, in your opinion, how does Chopard's Superfast collection live up to its name?
“Absolutely. Similar to our race car it’s very clean in design, technically advanced and superior, easy to operate in all conditions and of course, stylish too.”


Does any other Chopard collection appeal to you? If yes, which one(s) and why?
“All of the watches in the Classic Racing collection are to my taste.  Obviously with the racing philosophy engrained in the watches’ design, the Superfast collection is a perfect fit.  Also the straps are comfortable for long drives and day-to-day use.”

It's normal for people to pair their watch with their outfits. But we're car guys - do you make it a point to wear a watch that matches the car you're driving? If yes, what are some combination examples?
“The RS Porsches I drive are a good fit with the Superfast watches, again, for the reasons already mentioned; great DNA; precision timing, precision build and clean, sharp looks – just like the RS.”

It's a lazy Saturday morning, and you're meeting a friend 100 miles away for tea, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the longer, scenic route. Which car key and watch will you pick up on your way out the door? And what tunes will you be listening to?
“I would pick up the keys for a GT3 RS 991, and I’d wear a Mille Miglia GTS Power Control, as it’s synonymous with long road trips. I’d probably be listening to the local rock radio station.”


Author: TopGear
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