You’ve seen Ken Block’s Gymkhana. Now watch… Gymfarmer!

Video: German farmer drifts and wheelies his tractor in the name of advertising


A few weeks ago, we showed you a knackered 1956 Volvo BM Terrier tractor quite literally tearing up a field. It was noisy, it was dangerous, and it was brilliant.

Having applauded the Swedes’ endeavor to push the boundaries of agricultural recklessness, we challenged them to make their own tractor Gymkhana.

Well, Gymfarmer has happened. But not by the ballsy Scandis. Instead, a sharp-eyed intern at a German marketing agency must have seen our plea, and nabbed the idea in order to help promote supermarket chain, Edeka.

Fair play to them, it’s not a bad effort. Click play above to see one farmer’s dogged and drifty attempt to get his apples to the supermarket on time.

This means busting through barn doors, drifting through fields, avoiding cute hedgehogs, popping monster wheelies, pea shooting flames and sealing it all with a drifty kiss.

Now we’ve witnessed a tractor Gymkhana, don’t you think a certain Mr Block should don a flat cap and get behind the wheel?

Author: TopGear
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