Video: yep, that’s a souped-up Fifties tractor. Drifting

Watch a knackered old Volvo get sideways. And crash through expensive camera gear


The art of ploughing has never really changed. Yes, with monster tractors replacing horses, it’s got a bit more efficient over the years, but ploughing remains an arduous act of drudgery – find a field, turn over the soil, make sure the lines are straight. Easy.

But as these maniacal men from Sweden prove, tractorship doesn’t have to be so dull.

Using a Volvo-engined turbocharged tractor – complete with open diff – the enterprising agriculturalists have quite literally been breaking new ground, thanks to the careful application of drifting.

Their weapon of choice is ‘The Terror’, a knackered 1956 Volvo BM Terrier tractor with a 225bhp Volvo B21ET turbocharged engine strapped to the front. As you can see, it has a hand throttle, a well-oiled brodie knob and likes to plough sideways.

You’ll also notice it has a mind of its own, no suspension, and makes its own very unique ‘one tyre fire’ crop circles.

The Terror also, it seems, has a tendency to topple over… and through a load of really expensive camera gear and lighting while narrowly missing three men.

But we reckon if it had a diff, this thing could do its own Gymkhana. Now who’d like to see that? Get ready for Need for Seed: Malmo Drift…

Author: TopGear
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