Watch: dash-cam footage of a plane going through a set of traffic lights

Not a graphics mod for GTA V, but a pilot nailing an emergency landing like a boss


We'd been worried dash-cams were heading the same way as Tamagotchis and Von Dutch trucker hats.

Where they once provided perpetually humorous-yet-disturbing footage of, say, two bovines in the throes of passion getting hit by a car, policemen clinging to the bonnet of speeding cars, the most intense crashes known to lunacy and even ghost cars, in the last year or so dash-cam clips seemed to dying out in favour of Snapchats and Vines.

But they're back! And still capturing the most outlandish footage you could ever imagine.

As evidence, witness the clip above, in which a Piper Cherokee casually lands at an intersection in Irvine, California like no biggie.

This wasn't because the pilot had been playing too much GTA V, rather that the engine on the single-prop aircraft decided it'd had enough of being an engine and decided to shut down unexpectedly.

But the skilled pilot managed to thread the small plane own the highway, while rush-hour traffic was held at a red light. All to be caught by a commuter on dash-cam and then uploaded to YouTube for our viewing pleasure.

Is California the new Russia?

Author: TopGear
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