BMW 3 Series: which is your favourite generation?

By topgear, 16 October 2018
E21 (1975-1982)

“It’s a perfect place to sit and operate the machinery. The seat and pedals are just-so. Visibility is astounding through deep windows and past slim pillars. It’s wonderfully compact and concise. Take hold of the thin plastic rim on the huge steering wheel and head off…”

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E30 (1982-1991)

“What a brilliant powertrain. It makes 192bhp, which is pretty special for an elderly naturally aspirated two-litre. And it pulls like a happy puppy all the way to 7000rpm, which means about seven-and-a-bit seconds to 60mph, on a weight of just 1200kg…”

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E36 (1991-1998)

“Oh my word, this is a magical car. The E36 got all-new rear suspension, and its principles are still used today. It got a freshly styled body and new cabin. And it all gelled together magically…”

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E46 (1998-2005)

“Most of all, the styling was honed to a perfect pitch, the curves smoothed, the junctions neatened, the older E36’s frowning face now softened. This coupe version is a joy to behold…”

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E90 (2005-2015)

“Time for another big leap, and a controversial one. This Three got a jagged Bangle-ised exterior and an interior dominated by the primordial iDrive. It feels heavier, is bigger, and more serious than what’s gone before. But more likeable? Nope…”

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F30 (2012-2018)

“The main thing is new engines. But then, this is the Bavarian Motor Works we’re talking about, so it’s what you might call a core competence. One of them wears a new badge on the tail: 340i. Historians will note the significance of a new generation of BMW straight-six, as this turbo 3.0-litre is making its first appearance in any car. It produces 326bhp. It’s actually the last man standing in the great tradition of petrol straight-six 3 Series…”

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G20 (2019-)

“Inside, BMW’s finally stopped fiddling with its 1990s design themes and gone chasing after Audi and Mercedes modern-cool ambience. We’ve got a 12.3-inch digital instrument display that lies flush with a widescreen iDrive console. Metal buttons add a touch of class to fiddling with the air conditioning. There’s ambient lighting, more sculpture to the shapes and surfaces, and the centre console’s been thoroughly reimagined…”

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